An elite tapestry of pollen-free sunflowers
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Home Garden Growing Guide

FleuroSun Home Garden Growing GuidePlant FleuroSun seeds into a friable, well-watered seed bed. It is desirable for roots to go down at least 30cm, so a well-worked soil to that depth is beneficial.

Planting Time: Dependent on region, but in most southern climates, sunflowers can be planted from mid-August through to late February, provided soil temperatures are above ~12C. In sub-tropical coastal and northern climates, sunflowers can be planted in most months but avoid flowering during hot humid summer months - March to October plantings are preferred here.

Plant Spacing & Depth: Plant seeds 3-5cm deep and compact soil around seeds. to ensure optimal germination. For unbranched hybrids, plant seeds 15-20cm apart; for branched hybrids 30-40cm apart. As a trial, branched FleuroSun standard or Compact hybrids could be planted 50cm apart, then the primary bud nipped out at bud-visible stage - to encourage development of longer secondary branches and prolong flowering. 

Watering: Irrigate soil well after planting, to a depth of minimum 30cm, then leave for 2-3 weeks, to encourage development of primary tap root. Water vegetative plants only every 7 to 10 days. Avoid surface watering, less-frequent deeper watering is preferred - to optimise plant growth and help plants better tolerate periods of hot or dry weather. From late bud stage through flowering, sunflowers require considerable water, but again water well only 2-3 times per week.


Young FleuroSun Compact hybrids, showing deep tap-root.