An elite tapestry of pollen-free sunflowers
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Development Nursery and Field Trials

All Copsley Ornamentals' sunflower inbreds and hybrids are proprietary lines developed in the company's nurseries, located for several years  outside Ballarat, north-west of Melbourne, and now on the Mornington Peninsula south of Melbourne. The main nursery and small-scale seed increase plots comprise some 60 inbred lines and over 100 hybrids; it is a tapestry of plant types and colours, and a visual plant genetics classroom. The reaction of visitors indicates the potential for sequential plantings of FleuroSun sunflowers to be developed as market outlets and tourist attractions.

The program is managed by Dr Keith White. Keith has 40 years' experience in breeding, seed production and commercialisation of field crops, including oilseed sunflowers, grain sorghum and specialty canola. He has been developing FleuroSun inbreds and hybrids for over 20 years. 


COMMERCIAL TRIALS: Advanced hybrids are included alongside the nursery plus with selected growers, to assess their prospects in a commercial situation. Hybrids are often planted using a reel planter which has seeds spaced at set distances along cotton tape, to give accurate plant spacing.


OVERSEAS TRIALS: Trials of Copsley Ornamentals hybrids have been conducted in several countries in recent years. These have highlighted the potential for selected FleuroSun hybrids in overseas markets, including for cut-flowers and for dwarf hybrids in pots.