An elite tapestry of pollen-free sunflowers
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We're excited and passionate about sunflowers! They place a smile on a face, they provide happiness, they symbolize health and well-being!  What we provide is an elite range of pollen-free sunflowers in a vast array of plant types and petal colours - ranging from standard single-stemmed cut-flower types, branched ones for optimal displays, compact stocky plants ideal for gardens by planting as seeds or seedlings, and then the little guys! Yes, dwarfs 25-40 cm high, for growing in borders and as pot plants!! Discover these and more!


We are Copsley Ornamentals Pty Ltd, an Australian company which has developed all our sunflower hybrids and their inbred components in our own program, based now on the Mornington Peninsula south of Melbourne. And the FleuroSun sunflower range is now available to you - the enthusiastic gardener, florist, cut-flower grower and nurseryman.

FleuroSun sunflower hybrids include unbranched types with large primary heads plus branched types with multiple stems and heads - all across normal, compact and dwarf heights. Centre disks may be green or dark purple, whilst petal colours include yellow, orange, rust, chocolate, lemon, peach, lilac and mauve - and which petals tend to be rounded and overlapping for enhanced petal life and transport. This range represents a major advance in sunflowers available in Australia, whilst selected FleuroSun hybrids also have potential for overseas markets. 


The company's headquarters are at P.O. Box 180, Mornington, Victoria 3931 with an associated centre at Colours of White Collection, 38 Piper St, Kyneton, Victoria. Our main field nursery and seed increase areas are at several sites near Mornington, plus now also in coastal Queensland. 

Packet seeds of various branched hybrids from Copsley Ornamentals have been available from our friends at Lambley Nursery at Ascot, Victoria as well as for Tasmanian growers from Van Diemen Bulbs, whilst bulk seed of standard hybrids such as Classic Gold, Classic Lime, Ice Lady, Landscape, Monarch and Lilac Monarch are marketed to cut-flower growers through Ball Australia. Pots of FleuroSun Dwarf hybrids are grown by several nurserymen for supply to nursery retail outlets as well as to Bunnings. 

Our on-line shop on enables home gardeners and sunflower enthusiasts to purchase packet seed, find information on varieties and learn more about sunflowers; whilst cut-flower growers and nurserymen can enquire about bulk seed of hybrids for cut-flowers, pots of dwarfs and seedlings.

The Copsley Ornamentals program is led by Dr Keith White. Keith has 40 years' experience in breeding, seed increase and commercialisation of field crops; he has worked on ornamental sunflowers for over 20 years. Colours of White Collection in Kyneton, headed by Durham White, markets a range of products related to the program depicting sunflower images, including place-mats and coasters, T-shirts, plastic tiles and wall-prints.