An elite tapestry of pollen-free sunflowers
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Cut Flower Growers and Nurserymen; Seeds or Seedlings

Cut-Flower Growers & Nurserymen: Cut-flower growers interested in growing FleuroSun sunflower hybrids for the wholesale and retail markets can contact Ball Australia Ltd to discuss suitable hybrids, availability of seed and seed prices, or Copsley Ornamentals directly at or 0439 824267. In addition to its range of packet seeds, Copsley Ornamentals sells directly bulk lots of a minimum 400 seeds of selected hybrids, with reduced prices for minimum 1000 seeds and above.
Likewise, nurserymen interested in growing pots of FleuroSun Dwarf hybrids or seedlings of FleuroSun Dwarf and/or FleuroSun Compact hybrids for the wholesale and/or retail markets.
Seeds or Seedlings for Cut-Flower Growers: Most standard hybrids grown commercially for cut-flowers are planted as seeds, either directly using a precision-type planter or using a tape system. With the latter, seeds are spaced along biodegradable cotton using vegetable glue, such as is available in Australia from Livyn Pty Ltd. Reels of tape are then attached to a simple push planter.  
Seedlings of hybrids of standard height tend to be tall and spindly, and are rarely ideal to be planted as seedlings. However, most FleuroSun Compact hybrids, including unbranched Compact Classic Gold, Compact Ice Lady & Compact Classic Lime, can be grown commercially for cut-flowers and these are suitable for planting as seedlings.
Seedlings of Compact & Dwarf hybrids for Wholesale & Retail:   All FleuroSun Compact & Dwarf hybrids can be grown as seedlings, either for direct sale as seedlings to retail outlets or, in the case of Dwarf varieties, for transplanting into pots. This is facilitated by their compact plant height and strong root systems. The unique nature of FleuroSun Compact & Dwarf hybrids and their diverse range of plants and colours add a significant new dimension to the growing and marketing of ornamental sunflowers.
 FleuroSun Dwarf hybrids for Pots: The range of FleuroSun Dwarf hybrids is now the most extensive in the world and includes branched types considered most suitable for pots and borders, namely Dwarf Summer Spray, Dwarf Gold Spray, Dwarf Sonnet, Dwarf Ice Spray, Dwarf Calypso Spray and Dwarf Lilac Spray, plus restricted quantities of unbranched Dwarf Landscape, Dwarf Classic Gold & Dwarf Classic Lime. All can be planted as seeds or very desirably for optimal uniform quality and for reduced time to market, from seedlings.